A Garden in 3D

It’s been a crazy year like every one so far
Mooched rides and biked in snow, just trying to avoid my car
Read books, tried new sports, and learned songs to sing and
Between great talks with friends
Did a little backyard gardening
Crazy, yeah life is pretty crazy, and I grew a garden in 3D
I got some stuff to read so I’d have a partial clue
But then I got impatient, it seemed a cinch to do
Bought seeds, tilled the ground, and pushed each one into place
Then I waited, fork in hand, so ready to have a taste
Hungry, then I got hungry, ahem a garden in 3D? Bueller?
That first try ended poorly, as you might well expect
Failure is rough but we learn when we reflect
I went back, read my stuff, and made some farmer friends
This time cultivating I’d do more than pretend
Plan B, if plan A goes (crash sound) try B, I’d still grow a garden in 3D
We had timely rain and from the sun got warm but not charbroiled
The natural fertilizer sure seemed to please the soil
Beans came up, spinach too, squash spread well beyond the kale
But the carrots, not so much, for them an epic fail
Slowly, sometimes slowly, but I grew a garden in 3D
Friends came by to help pick and get an up close tour
We mixed some salad greens, made stew, and froze some more
There was still enough to give to neighbors who had less
What better way to share some gardening success?
Party, woo my kind of party: based on a garden in 3D
Dialing it in takes time but this garden thing’s alright
I’m stronger, better fed now, and in general less uptight I
Made new worm and human friends and ate my backyard view
And measured my food’s miles in feet – that means less CO2
Slimy, earthworms are slimy, but help growing gardens in 3D
Next year I’ll add some rainbow chard, yeah you know that’s what’s up
Heirloom seeds, TLC and I hope no big hiccups
Now having seen nice impacts, I’ll be more intentional
Us, our friends, and the planet winning makes it 3-dimensional
More than me, it became much more than me
But I grew a garden, yes I grew a garden
You know I grew a garden in 3D yeah
1, 2 (a garden), 3D
There are many things
We can do in
Like vacationing in
And partying in
Even working out in
And of course there’s gardening in