Always Training Something

Our bodies are machines that respond to how we use them
Losing or gaining new capacities with time
Genes count but much still depends on what we’re choosing
It helps both to be aware and do things by design
What to build and how to get there are the questions
The world reflects our will based much on thoughts and actions
We’re always training something (2x)
You know we’re always training something
Like now
Each time we slouch or sit up, be generous or spiteful
Give up or try again, we reinforce that path
Blaming others, calling names, or feeling blessed or grateful
Our choice: what we minimize and what we max
We miss out when our energy and time gets wasted
More fun to build something we’re proud of – can you taste it?
We’re always… so what next?
Brooke had a D-1 dream, and lived to make it happen
Training, food, sleep – all geared to raise her game
Each day new contributions to successes she was mapping
Made it possible to reach a level few have claimed
Tim’s life was Xbox and it took all his attention
Eyes glued to the screen, his thumbs lightning fast
The gaming world was his but the real one much in question
Tough to look or feel good on just Red Bull and Kraft
Two outcomes, each tied to different daily choices
Which ones can help us most in shaping our courses?
We’re always… oh yeah
Progressive overload means more training stress with time
Systems need a nudge to strengthen, young and old
Pushing safely’s crucial – think smart program design
To overcome fun challenges until we reach our goal
Though plans can change while conducting exploration
Making choices mindfully helps all kinds of creation
We’re always…
Under any light
What we say or write
Even Friday night
No this isn’t hype
You and me alike
Let’s be dynamite
And try to get it right