Calling All Heroes

Time now to build this community
And the significance of our stand
To honor the work done for you and me
And from it learn, shift, and expand
There are many paths for contributing
When others’ fulfillment is linked with ours, yeah
Winning means sweet effects rippling
Shared laughs, partnerships, healing scars
Here is our call (hey)
Those who get it done – never halfway
One for all (hey)
Those improving soil where they cultivate
Big or small (hey)
Those who stand for others with no say
(Calling all) all of you heroes today
Perilous forces are all around
Many exploiting for short-term gain oh
Most come from within – we’re all breeding grounds
But once perceived a whole lot can change
These cancers take much to overcome
Like having “our kind” mean the world, yeah
Integrity, humor, a pounding drum
To answer the flags of fear, once unfurled
Here is our call (hey)
Those who live with pain yet are unfazed
One for all (hey)
Those exposing lies when we’re led astray
Big or small (hey)
Those who share their grace where there’s dismay
(Calling all) all of you heroes today
Cynics can say there’s nobody out there
coming through that door
But I say we are
Ways to give, some truly powerful
Exist in each school, job, home, or jail ah huh
Through practice to find the most suitable
The best versions of our selves can prevail
Who’ll rise to carry the relay torch?
Tapping new energy to uplift oh
By sharing this ever-rewarding course
As benefits multiply with each gift
Here is our call (hey)
Those who offer help on our worst day
One for all (hey)
Those expanding minds as they educate
Big or small (hey)
Those who’ll sacrifice for a just way
(Calling all) all of you heroes today
(Calling all) all of you heroes today
(Calling you) Calling all heroes
It’s in you, it’s in me
(Calling me) Calling all heroes
What else were we made to be?
(Calling now) Calling all heroes
Any class, creed, size or shade
(Calling us) Calling all heroes today!