Living in 3D

Yeah these are tough times
We see clear signs
Acidic oceans, bees in decline
If we can’t change some basic approaches
It could mean leaving the world to the roaches
We care, so let’s declare
We’ll stand for building health we can share
Across borders, species, and time
Feeling fulfilled: a trend on the incline
Let’s start with a model
One we can take up to full throttle
See the big picture, find a good mixture
Living in ways to make health a fixture
Not one, 3 dimensions
Community, environment, and the person
We can see how they interrelate
And share a common fate
We’re thinking/seeing/living in 3D…
We’re making this stand so more can be healthy
Alright, first of all
Let’s cover the health known as personal
What’s the state of my body and mind?
Can they reach the heights for which they’re designed?
We want more than to just live
So we give and look around for creative
Ways to push and find self-expression
In relationships and jam sessions
That calls for courage and drive
Big dreams take lots to realize
Food, sleep, lotta skill-building
That’s if we’re willing… CHORUS
On to community health
Doing great stuff in groups and being helpful
Going beyond oneself
To be there for others like Buddy the Elf
Then environmental
No more treating the Earth like a rental
We’d be done without soil and trees
Hence the call to be thinking in threes
Personal health was one
Community, then environmental
None should be left out, so sing it out loud
‘Cause 3 ain’t a crowd… CHORUS
We’re thinking in 3D, we’re seeing in 3D, we’re living
We’re making this stand so more can be
Thinking in 3D, and seeing, and living in 3D
We’re making this stand so more can be healthy
Alright, let’s do this
3D Health what? (personal, community, environmental)
Ah yeah, that’s what I’m talking about
A lot of people out there
Thinking in 3D, and seeing in 3D
Now count: 1, 2, 3
We’re making this stand so more can be healthy