News clips:
We’re back with a health emergency tonight
This year’s drought will cost California 2.2 billion dollars
The outbreak will get worse before it gets better
Scientists say it’s the biggest threat yet to the health of our planet’s oceans
26 million Americans suffer from type 2 diabetes
Residents urged to stay indoors
A bleak picture of the immediate future
We’re going to work now
We’ve seen commitment to bettering health, teachers, farmers, others whose lives
Open doors and eyes, and new possibilities
Giving support in a lot of kind ways, to make this a better world
So we might then explore, the same great abilities
Yet our challenges seem to grow each day
Disease, pollution, drought, (so) much pain and disarray
We need more champions on this epic quest
Here and now. So who’s next?
We’re here in this hour (rise)
To teach and empower (rise)
And see health tower
(Hm) a great thing to supersize
We’re feeling that fire (rise)
To work and not tire (rise)
And help to inspire
All we can reach to rise
So now in an effort to demonstrate that our daily choices can produce change
As we work and play, or make food thoughtfully
And showing that health takes various forms that frequently intertwine
Like oceans and humankind, the trick is sharing artfully
So let’s do this, it’s our day to seize
Taking action in our lives and all-size communities
And getting the word out (hey!) we’ll need a lot of friends
Plus a microphone (hm) and camera lens
All this effort legitimized
And help to inspire all we can reach by
Helping find a balance in our daily lives
Staying mindful taking on each enterprise
Seeking out where possibility resides
Facing weaknesses once they’ve been recognized
Accounting for the costs that we’ve externalized
And showing what a great community provides
And hey with you, maybe turning the tides
Chorus (everyone getting energized)
One more time
Chorus (a great thing to supersize yeah)
It’s a big ‘ol world out there
Lots of oppression and despair
But with amazing work by people like you and me everywhere
Who knows how many can rise