The World a.k.a. Our Gym

This year my friends and I found many ways to move
We were confident there was a lot it would improve
Like how we looked, our grades, our immunity, and mood
So with help from coaches we set out to see what we could do
We played volleyball, kickball, dodgeball, and football and never hit a car
Got a bunch of dance moves down so far
And wondered what it’s like to be a pop-n-lock superstar
Out on a road trip, we stopped for chin-ups at a playground
Then plyometrics, yeah we like to bounce around
Some pretty fast wind sprints and then on to the next town
Alone I shot some hoops and got my hand stands looking sweet
Did jump rope double-unders to a phat beat
Practice should be fun if you do or don’t compete
At least that’s the word on my street
Because ooh, aah it’s oh my gosh amazing
What’s possible to feel for those joining in
We took the world and made it our gym
Wooo hoo the world a.k.a. our gym
We took jiu jitsu, swing, CrossFit, and swim class to understand
New ways to push though awkwardly when we began
But with a lot of good reps went from “no way” to “bam”
Cramming for a big test for hours we got giddy from the review
It seemed a silent dance party was overdue
The library staff never even knew
Until it really grew
Because ooh aah it’s oh my gosh amazing!
What’s possible to build for those joining in
We took the world and made it our gym
Woo hoo the world a.k.a our gym
At times we were sick or hurt, and took some time to heal
But soon got back to finding out just how mm mm good all this feels
We climbed Katahdin and admired some orange, red, and yellow leaves
Though it got cold we stayed warm raking in short sleeves
There’s a lot more to fall than football on TV
I stood outside a elevator, my buddy spied on people going up
He’d signal me the floors at which they planned to stop
I ran the stairs and beat them there just to see jaws drop
Because ooh aah it’s oh my gosh amazing
What’s possible to find for those joining in
We took the world and made it our gym
Woo hoo the world a.k.a. our gym
Well that’s about it, except building that snow fort on winter break
And sledding, snowshoeing, and skating on the lake
And doing squats and push-ups in the airport and not caring what strangers thought,
Playing hallway hockey at home,
Building a kicker and working on ski and snowboard freestyle moves,
Watching John Oliver clips while doing abs and stretching,
Climbing ropes, walls, rocks, trees, and frozen waterfalls
Shoveling snow off the baseball field so we could play before May,
Balancing on a stability ball on my stomach, back, and knees
Building snowmen to act out scenes in the yard,
Filling bags with roadside trash (for time),
And capturing the flag at a 4th of July party,
Lifting barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells in my friend’s garage and several weight rooms
Paddling canoes, kayaks, and rafts,
Racing a chairlift on cross-country skis,
Throwing a Frisbee and trying to look cool sometimes catching it,
Weeding flower and vegetable gardens by hand and
Shoveling the driveway because Roundup and snowblowers are for quitters, no offense, and
Juggling a soccer ball and counting the highest number of touches before a drop.
Because ooh aah it’s oh my gosh amazing
What’s possible to do so join right in
Strengthening from core to every limb (lot of strengthening)
Yeah, there’s a lot we’ll definitely do again (and again)
Two words we live by: carpe diem (they’re Latin)
So help make the entire world our gym
Woo hoo (oh and practicing for when 4-square becomes an Olympic sport)
The world a.k.a our gym