Amos and Friends’ Big Mountain Adventure

One day at Sugarloaf Amos the Moose was skiing with his lumberjack buddy Pierre. They were planning to meet up with Lemon the Yellow-Nosed Vole and Blueberry Bear. Well it got wicked foggy and somehow they all got separated, which in the end turnd out to be a good thing, after all it’s how this song got generated. So there they were, all spread out, and not sure what to do. One option, as always, was to just start crying – like me that time I broke my kazoo. But they didn’t – after all they were surrounded by friendly folks and Maine timber. So instead of getting down looking for each other, they had themselves a day to remember.
On west mountain Lemon warmed up with some hot cocoa at Bullwinkle’s Grill. Should have taken her mittens off before trying to drink it though – hard not to spill. Pierre thought he might check with the kids in the Mountain Magic Room, when suddenly Seth Wescott went by with two snowboarding buddies: zoom, zoom, zoom!
Blueberry looked in the park and stayed for a legit half pipe session. And stomping all those landings helped her work out any pent-up aggression. Amos searched the Fitness Center and got a nice hot tub soak started, but apparently got a bit too relaxed because (blub, blub) okay, who farted?
But Sugarloaf’s huge, with lots of stuff you can dig. So while they were looking they
knew they also could have a big mountain adventure.
Lemon went tubing down The Birches and stopped for some grub at the Inn. The buffet was tasty and a guy named Tom paid for it – that’s a win win. Amos caught a ride on the Moose Caboose, which is a special snow machine. It went (engine sound).
Blueberry stopped by the Widowmaker to check out the pre-apres ski scene. Didn’t order beer, though – turns out she’s only 19. Pierre looked behind every bump he could find, there were lots on Bubble Cuffer, and thought great idea! Maybe I could have found something tougher.
Amos caught the Shuttle to the Outdoor Center to ski some cross-country. Wiped out a few times but no big deal, except for that one tree. Would have stayed to do some ice skating too, but then he got a hunch, hm. Maybe Moose Alley was the smartest place to look for his bunch.
The others had the exact same realization at about the same time. And they were all super relieved to see that each other was fine. They also agreed if it happened again to check with Guest Services, which exists to make lives better, among the noblest of purposes.
Yeah Sugarloaf’s huge, with lots of stuff you can dig. So while they were looking you know that they had a wicked big mountain adventure.