Big Fish to Fry

There’s an old saying. We’re updating it and bringing it back. It’s not literally about frying fish. It’s about what you’ve got going on. Well?
Sunday noon trying to stay low
Playin’ full court, finding the trail oh
Nice shot – might have impressed J Lo
Sure beats sitting around playing Halo
Game over time for lunch
grapes in season, grab a bunch
Couple of sandwiches made on a hunch
that there’s better fuel than Captain Crunch
Friday night celebrating
dance floor, real booty shaking
A smoke? No thanks, not that he’s hating,
just doesn’t fit what he’s creating
One more song, then it’s time for shut eye
Priority list: recovery? High
Keeps it clean, FYI
‘cause he’s got big ‘ol fish to fry
Sport playing, dues paying, new option weighing
(big fish to fry)
She’s looking for real interaction
You can tell by her words and her fashion
The physical side’s but a fraction
She wants to get beyond all the masking
Likes guys who know rule #6
can laugh at themselves not just flicks
and listen – who just got nixed?
I’m not counting a Kanye mix.
Realized she needed some new friends
Who had her back on her say whens
and didn’t judge her for her split ends
Helped her turn her “can’ts” into “cans”
Feels complete, with or without a guy.
When it works, they amplify
but if not no need to lie
cause she’s got big ‘ol fish to fry
Friend aiding, relating, idea debating
(big fish to fry)
High school hallway walking:
rumors flying, friends just talking
That kid’s different, somebody’s mocking
What’s up with that style he’s rocking?
You say time to raise your game
That one’s played out and just lame
Putting another down to feel good’s insane
It’s much cooler breaking the chain.
English teacher working like crazy
Students in a Shakespeare haze
He wants them to like it like Jay-Z
Some thinking they’d rather be lazy
You decide give it a try –
could be useful when you apply
Turns out Billy Shake was fly
and you’ve got big ‘ol fish to fry
Song learning, check earning, self- affirming
(big fish to fry)
Team check-in what you got planned?
Let us know if you need a hand
Feel free to make a stand
but the impact grows when you bring a band
Idea? Great. Now comes enrolling
Momentum – think about bowling
Could take time before it’s flowing
but if it makes sense, let’s get going
Networking, making connections
taking on a big thing in sections
ups and downs, energy injections
Change takes more than elections
Look out world, the time is nigh
Communities getting organized
I think you know by now just why
‘cause we’ve got big ‘ol fish to fry
Book reading, loss grieving, garden weeding
(big fish to fry)
Dance, romance, or seeing France
A good sleep or catching the down beat
I’ve got big fish to fry, you’ve got big fish to fry, they’ve got big fish to fry
Training, painting, a lot gaining
We’ve got big fish to fry
Think big, hm, now bigger
We’ve got some big ‘ol fish to fry!