Everybody’s Weird

Born an average weirdo
Smelled kind of funky and couldn’t
even stand on those two tiny feet
But with practice
he learned a lot of things
Like violin and dancing
mostly on the beat
And he played and often bruised
Why not dig 5 foot-deep
holes in the sand?
Or design a course to luge
watering the banked turns
based on the plan?
A bit weird.
At age one: weird.
At ten: weird.
It seems clear the kid was weird.
But as he he grew older
there were certain peers
who didn’t understand the ways
he needed to express
At school and in sports
they were convinced that
he ought to just conform
Maybe try a wee bit less
He believed that to be true
to himself meant pushing
It was always “go time” on his watch
So he hoped they’d come around
and dork out with him
No he wouldn’t “take it down a notch”
In class: weird.
At lunch: weird.
Bus trips: weird.
Yeah it’s clear, he liked weird.
But with support from family
and open-minded friends
who cut him lots of slack
as he was building his own trail
He stayed with it
and got to do and feel things
much cooler than what you get
from most stuff that’s for sale
In hoops to throw it down
with two hands –
it’s tough to beat that sense of power
coupled with grace
Or to share these kinds of
thoughts and jams and teach or inspire
I doubt there’s a sweeter taste
If that’t weird
I’ll take weird
and stay weird.
Let’s not fear the fun kinds of weird.
We now take you to where there are people for a breaking story. Tad Strange is live on the scene. Tad, what can you tell us?
“Oh man I’m surrounded by freaks! I just met a guy who eats sardines for breakfast, a woman who won’t listen to any music other than Slovenian techno, and a couple who met at a knitting convention.
And their bodies all have weird stuff going on, too. We’re talking crooked backs, flat feet, different colored eyes, birth marks, shoulder hair, and don’t even get me started on the nose situation.
Plus, all their bodies do things! Like get pimples and make mucus and some seriously bizarre noises. I still haven’t met anyone who can do that thing with their stomach like me, but I digress. It’s like a circus over here! And I don’t think it’s gonna change any time soon, either.
Wait, hold on. A woman who has to be at least 80 just rolled up on a Harley blaring this song on the radio. If you listen closely you can hear the part right after my report.”
Hey looks like he made it
So it seems a good time
to share at least one example
of weirdness with you
And if we all choose to enjoy one another’s
oddities what we can do
is build things that amaze
Seems we’ve just begun to learn
what is possible
And then shine in different ways
Which barriers are indeed crossable?
How ‘bout me? Weird.
How ‘bout her? Weird.
How ‘bout them? Weird.
I guess it’s clear…
How ‘bout then? Weird.
How ‘bout now? Weird.
How ‘bout soon? Weird.
Yeah it’s clear…
Weird: check. What’s next?
Weird: check. What’s next?
Everybody’s weird.