Who’s Up for a Drive?

1, 2, 3, 4
Who’s up for a drive?
So who’s up for a drive?
Harsh Maine weather won’t slow us down
Let’s roll ‘til we arrive
First up open the trunk
Then the doors up front
Nothing’s frozen, that’s good news
Next: to load our junk
We’ve got snacks and lots of gear
Good grub and lots of gear
A special bag so the clams don’t spoil
Don’t need that this year
You got your seatbelt on
Already got your seatbelt on
Guess you’re confident that she’ll start
About time we were gone
(Sputter) Well that wasn’t it
(Sputter) That wasn’t too close either
C’mon now, Bessie, I know it’s cold out, but what would you have us do, move to some place tropical like Massachusetts?
(Vroom) Yeah, I thought so
Works like a charm every time
Okay, let’s go
Passing by old and new
Passing by things old and new
The papermill still smells like (fart)
Unless you’d like some credit, too
You’d like to see a moose
You ask if we’ll see a moose
If so, hope not on the hood
That’d be car abuse
Heading north to play on snow
Bunch of ways to play on snow
Pre-dawn traffic’s not that bad
Some wicked big frost heaves, though
Tunes from my smart phone
A lot of music on that phone
Gangsta rap? Hm, skip ahead
Words I can’t condone
Hey let’s stop for gas
I’m sore let’s stop for gas
But save your money, ‘cause that’s not food
All that sugar? Pass
Are we there yet? No we’re not
Are we there yet? No we’re not
Don’t make Mom turn the car around
Already puts up with a lot
Gonna get there safe and sound
We’re gonna get there safe and sound
Punch buggy huh, I guess one bruise
Okay, you win this round (bell)
Note: bell sound from http://www.freesfx.co.uk