We’ve got a skier down. Skier down.
It’s so fun on the mountain riding two skis or a board
Feeling smooth and powerful, like Electra or Thor
And each day our technique improves our ways to play expand
But sometimes something happens in the process that nobody plans
And they wipe out, get off balance and have to bail
Yeah they wipe out, now it looks like a yard sale
Another wipeout, let’s hope they’re strong from eating kale
‘Cause (that’s gonna leave a mark) good thing it’s legal
or we’d all be in jail
Could be bad position, or terrain that’s wicked tough
but right now our top priority is collecting all your stuff
It’s times like these when helmets are worth messing up haircuts
‘Cause when we push our limits there’s a chance we’ll end up on our butts
And we wipe out, get off balance and have to bail
Yeah we wu wu wu wipe out
The snow’s the hammer and we’re the nail
Another wipeout
Could we maybe find a padded trail?
‘Cause (comin’ in hot – now I’m cold) good thing it’s legal
or we’d be stuck in jail
So did you see that snow snake slide in my path?
Oh man, I’m in my jacket for ski and snowboard school staff
Good thing underneath I’m wearing motorcrosse pads
Though I’m not sure they’re rated for this level of spaz
Hmm doubtful
If falling down was against the law, like robbing banks with your wife
we’d all be on some most wanted list, or else locked up for life
But hey it’s not so let’s try getting hangtime off that jump – woo hoo!
Just make sure no-one’s right behind it in case we should encounter any funk
And have a wipe out, get off balance and have to bail
Yeah we wipe out, as in (check this out – fail!)
Another wipeout. I hope we live to tell the tale
‘Cause (I have snow in places) good thing it’s legal or
(in the case of the State versus a bunch of clowns on skis and snowboards, on the charge of littering the mountain with yourselves in varying degrees, this court finds the defendants guilty, guilty, guilty, extra guilty, guilty… you get the idea)
We’d all be in (jail)